Interactive Media:

Our Interactive media services cover an ever expanding market that continues to push the limits of technology. We not only make video games but anything that requires the user to be highly engaged and come away with a memorable and useful experience. Many companies are adding user interaction into their presentations, websites and training platforms. Our services can be created for online, PC/Mac, and mobile deployments. Contact us now for a free consultation.

"Ug ug" the cave bird loves flying around in caves and trying to get as far as possible. Just tap the screen to flap the wings and send the bird flying upward with realistic physics. It's an endless game that'll make you want to beat your personal best score time and again.

Math Slicer is a new and exciting learning app made to engage children in learning and improving math skills. This teacher approved app has helped children who struggle with basic math and have trouble with conventional methods. Math Slicer uses the same mechanics as flash cards but keeps the user interested and coming back for more.